Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sermon on the Mound

An interesting item on Sunday's Westminster Hour by Iain Macwhirter on the 20th anniversary of Margaret Thatcher's famous - or infamous - speech to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, thereafter dubbed the 'Sermon on the Mound'.

Sir Malcolm Rifkind, who was Scottish Secretary when the former Prime Minister made the speech, believes it was actually quite well received in the Assembly Hall on the Mound, and that 'myth making' by the Scottish media turned it into the notorious attempt to marry Conservative principles with Christian doctrine that everyone remembers two decades on.

You can listen to the fifteen-minute programme by going to the Westminster Hour website, Alan Cochrane's more in-depth BBC Radio Scotland documentary, The Sermon on the Mound, by listening to it on BBC's iPlayer, or read a transcription of Mrs Thatcher's speech by visiting the Margaret Thatcher Foundation website.


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