Monday, April 14, 2008

Kidnapped! Sir Alec Douglas-Home

A fascinating story in today's Telegraph regarding a foiled attempt by some Aberdeen University students to 'kidnap' Sir Alec Douglas-Home during a visit to Aberdeen in April 1964, just months before the general election of that year. Sir Alec, who was a former Scottish Office minister, was staying at Potterton, the home of Lord and Lady Tweedsmuir. Priscilla Tweedsmuir was then an under-secretary at the Scottish Office and was later Lord Home's (as he again became) deputy at the Foreign Office from 1972-74.

The story has come to light in Lord Hailsham's diaries, which have been put online at the excellent Margaret Thatcher Foundation website. You can here Chris Collins of the Foundation talking about the kidnap attempt on this morning's Today Programme by clicking here and following the link in the top right-hand corner.


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Blogger cnewq5 said...

Have the 'kidnappers' ever been named or identified?

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