Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dick Mabon dies

Some sad news just announced today that Dick Mabon (otherwise known as Dr Jesse Dickson Mabon) has died aged 82. Dick was a Scottish Office minister under Willie Ross in the late 1960s but later defected to the SDP. From 1955 until 1983 he was the Labour MP for Greenock, although he sat from 1981-83 as an SDP Member. My obituary appeared in today's Herald, although there's an error in the last line (my mistake, not the Herald's) - Jessica and Katie were Mabon's grand-daughters, not his daughters.

There's a wonderfully detailed obituary by Tam Dalyell in Monday's Independent, and also one in the Telegraph. Tuesday's Guardian has an amusing obit by Julia Langdon, while the Scotsman also has a slightly belated one.


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