Sunday, December 03, 2006

BBC Parliament 'Book Talk'

I was interviewed for BBC Parliament's programme Book Talk a few weeks ago, and it finally aired this weekend on both Saturday and Sunday. The programme is presented by the affable and wonderfully-named Mark D'Arcy, who was genuinely interested in my book, The Scottish Secretaries, and therefore a joy to be interviewed by.

I got nearly fifteen minutes to talk about various aspects of the book, and Mark asked a lot of very intelligent questions. You can see the full programme by visiting the BBC Parliament website at, clicking on the 'Live Now' button and then choosing Book Talk from the 'Highlights' section of the drop-down menu. Thanks to Steve Richmond for the screen grabs.


Blogger Lib Dem Hater said...

How many books have you sold? I have read it, it's a rather good read

6:23 AM

Blogger David Torrance said...

Glad you enjoyed it. I'm not sure how many it's sold I'm afraid, although the print run was quite low. I'm going to check with the publisher after Christmas. Cheers, David.

7:20 AM


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