Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lord Robertson

I had a very enjoyable evening at the launch of Lord (George) Robertson's new book of photographs depicting the islands of Islay and Jura. The bash was held at the Westminster Bookshop on Artillery Row (formerly Politico's), and was well attended by the likes of Lord Forsyth (with whom George sparred as Shadow Scottish Secretary in the mid 1990s) and Rosemary McKenna MP, fresh from seconding the loyal address to the Queen's Speech in the House of Commons earlier that day.

My book, The Scottish Secretaries, was also on sale and George told me that he'd just recently received his copy. I was also able to clear up a few things, including the fact that Robertson did expect to become Scottish Secretary in 1997 but was far from disappointed to discover that he was going to the Ministry of Defence instead.

You can order copies of Lord Robertson's book, Islay and Jura, by clicking here.


Blogger Gracchi said...

Interesting about Robertson- I'm fascinated that he might have become Scottish secretary instead of Dewar given the way that devolution became associated with Dewar.

6:20 PM


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