Thursday, November 23, 2006

West Highland Free Press

The former Scottish/Scotland Office Minister Brian Wilson devoted his column in last week's West Highland Free Press to a (sort of) review of my book, The Scottish Secretaries, and in particular its references to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. You can read the full article by clicking here.


Blogger Steve Webster said...

Having just picked up a copy of Scottish Secretaries from Amazon and stumbled across this blog, I find it a fascinating little read peppered with anecdotes and reminders of a couple of decades worth of pre-Scottish Parliament fraction. The relationship between Scotland, its Politics and mostly Conservative Secretaries (at least in my time) now seem a dim and distant part of ancient history – Devolution having sterilised most memories of the period. Reading this blog feels like history from a different century! Don’t things change fast? The pointers to a Scottish Parliament replacing/diminishing the work of a Scottish Secretary and Office are all there.

4:59 PM

Blogger David Torrance said...

Thanks for your comment Steve, glad you're enjoying the book. I think that whatever your view of Scotland's political future, a knowledge of what happened over the last century is essential. Cheers, David.

5:33 AM


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