Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Scottish Office - the India connection

Apologies, this niche blog has been neglected of late. In my defence, I was on holiday in India for a couple of weeks so could not readily update it. It was most enjoyable, and in between fending off beggars and overly-keen rickshaw drivers, I was able to track down a few Scottish political connections.

Two Scottish Secretaries were exiled to India post-Scottish Office: the first was John Sinclair, latterly Lord Pentland, who went to the Madras Presidency in 1912. He left his mark - not only is there a memorial in the splendid St Andrew's Church, but also a badly-restored painting in the 'contemporary' section of the Pantheon museum complex (both pictured). Lord Pentland is buried in Edinburgh's Dean Cemetery.

The second was Sir John Colville, latterly Lord Clydesmuir, who became governor of Bombay during the Second World War, banished by Churchill for bad behaviour. There didn't seem to be any memorials in Mumbai's more modest St Andrew's Kirk, although I did see Lord Clydesmuir's old official residence on Malabar Hill.


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