Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Campbell's Diaries

An interesting excerpt from Alistair Campbell's Diaries, as picked up on by today's Herald:

DUNBLANE: Back me or sack me' Forsyth told Major HE reveals how Michael Forsyth, then Scottish Secretary, and George Robertson, his shadow, told John Major he should take Tony Blair, then leader of the opposition, with him when he visited Dunblane in the wake of the tragic shooting in the town.

"They told Major that the entire community would appreciate it if they both went. He said he had said to Major If my judgment is proved wrong you can sack me' to which Major pointed at George and said yes, but can't sack him'. TB was fretting that they would brief the press that he had barged his way in when in fact he just wanted to do what everyone else thought was right.

"Major and Norma were chilly with TB, and as for me, I might not have existed. At Glasgow we split off and headed to Dunblane and George's place. Forsyth was very kind. George introduced me to Forsyth's wife, who said she hadn't realised that I was tall and handsome as well as famous! I saw a different side to Forsyth. Later TB told George about his plans on devolution and I could see George getting more and more nervous."


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